Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great minds think alike.

I'd like to say I'm as good of photographer as my wife. But she really has an eye for photography that I just don't have. However, we both took this same shot. It makes me think I'm actually thinking more like a photographer. The first photo is mine, the second is hers.

Putting both of them together it's interesting to see how different they are even though the general photo is the same. The major differences being, she crouched down for the photo, and I didn't. And of course the time of day was very different.


Carebear said...

Wow, what a great composition. Love the lighting in yours. Perfect time of day for that great shot!

Miriam Lovell Dyer said...

Did you use mine at low res on purpose to make yours look sharper???
I like yours better.

Candice said...

I agree that your wife is really gifted. I like both of your shots. Is it just the time of day that made her sand so white?

Blue said...

i agree with your wife in this case...out of these two pictures, i like the one you took better. more ocean, and i enjoy the textured footprints in the sand. great colors. doesn't look at all like NYC beach! :-)