Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reflections on taking your time

Take your time.

We went to Washington DC last weekend. On Saturday we walked around the Washington Mall and visited some of the museums. What a great place to learn. We had such a good time just visiting the highlights and not rushing to see it all. We would return soon so there we'd get what we missed later.

At the end of the day I had a chance to visit the Lincoln Memorial on my own. It was packed with people so it was hard to get a simple shot of the monument. But I didn't realize that it over looks the reflection pool and the Washington Monument. I snapped a photo of the Washington Monument as I started up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial. I was there for Lincoln.

Washington MonumentWashington Monument
These were nothing special. They really are just snapshots. They aren't amazing by any means.

Then I snapped some quick photos of Lincoln. I was kind of in a rush to get back to my family so they were quick shots. But I kept taking more photos, really trying to get something different. This ended up being my favorite.

Lincoln Memorial
Everyone takes photos of Lincoln from the front. I was shooting for something different. He gets his photo taken hundreds of times a day. But it wasn't until I settled into taking my time for the photos that I started getting more creative and got a shot I really liked.

But then once I was in my "photo mode" I went back out and tried the Washington Monument again.
Washington MonumentWashington Monument
Just by taking a few extra moments I was able to get the shot of Lincoln that I was really happy with and this shot which was my favorite of the day. All it took was an extra minute or two. Sometimes that's all it takes just a little time.

I snapped these two photos again, and I liked them a little better. Then I walked down closer to the reflection pool.

Washington Monument
I took this first shot, that I really liked. Then after taking a few more moments I reframed the shot which turned (below) out to be my favorite.

Washington Monument

So take some time to get your shot. It'll be worth it.

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Texas 1st said...

When you leave the Lincoln Memorial, walk up the right side of the reflection pool, about midway, back in the trees, you'll find the World War I Memorial. It is very old and has not been maintained as well as a lot of the other monuments and memorials. But it is just as important to this country. With it's aged look, it really gives a feeling of character to photos, and is a wonderful shooting location.