Saturday, December 12, 2009

My camera is gone

I could title this I lost my camera or My camera was stolen but that doesn't explain it fully.

We went into the city via the Long Island Railroad. The girls and I found a seat with a window and waited out the 15 minute ride. I put the camera on the seat. As we pulled into Penn Station we got up and lined up at the door. Just as the doors opened I realized I didn't have my camera. I pushed my way through the people trying to get out and my previous seat was empty, no camera. I checked all over the place, and in all the seats nearby. I lost it, but nobody voiced concern or called out for the owner. It was just an opportunist theft in my opinion. I was too slow and someone else was too quiet.

There weren't any valuable photos on the camera, so the loss was really monetary. And it just makes me mad that someone grabbed it and didn't say anything. I even checked the lost and found.

So now I'm on the hunt for a new camera. I'm interested in doing an ebay purchase of a used camera. To replace my camera new is much more expensive than the $125 I got it for brand new. Ebay looks to run $25-200, for used or new. I'll be looking.

UPDATE: I got a replacement! I'm super happy about it. I got the very same camera I lost for $60 on craigslist. So excellent.


Kerianne said...

Maybe it is the same camera...

Candice said...

$60 is a GREAT price...unless it was your camera. Congrats.