Monday, July 5, 2010

Aerial over Coney Island

This was a very short kite session. I was hoping to get more of the carnival at Coney Island but I only had time to put it up in the air once. But the wind was perfect!
Coney Island Aerial 1
The boardwalk is an interesting place, to say the least. Carnivals attract an odd people. If you want to go people watching this may be the best place in the world for it. But just remember, once you see things, you cannot un-see them.

Coney Island Aerial 2
Of all the beaches I've been to I really liked this beach. The sand was nice and it wasn't crowded yet, even this late in the day.

Coney Island Aerial 3

Out of the 30 or so photos, these were the best. I would have liked to set a better angle for the camera before I sent it up. Ah, whatever. It was just nice to get a kite up and take some photos. It's been way too long. I have another kite session to show, when I get around to posting it.


The Photophile said...

I wish I could take photos on a kite like this, but my old cameras are too heavy and have no way to trigger once in the air. One day I'll get a small digital p&s and try this.

Nice to see you back!

Dan said...

The Photophile,
The camera I bought for this was used for $60 USD. Then I installed some firmware to automatically trigger the shutter functionality.

Glad to be back.