Friday, August 27, 2010

This is very good advice, very good

Great advice from Eric Kim:
1. Never stop taking photos.
2. Photos make great presents.
3. Never hoard your photographic insight- share it with the world.
4. Travel and photography are the perfect pair.
5. The more gear you carry around with you the less you will enjoy photography.
6. Make photos, not excuses.
7. Photography isn’t a hobby- it’s a lifestyle.
8. You can’t “photoshop” bad images into good ones.
9. Carry your camera with you everywhere. Everywhere.
10. Only show your best photos.
11. Spend less time looking at other people’s work and more time shooting your own.
12. Capture the beauty in the mundane and you have a winning photograph.
13. Go outside and shoot photos rather than spending hours a day on photography forums.
14. Always shoot in RAW. Always.
15. Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn’t mean that they’re a good photographer.



Tysha said...

Amen to this advice, I love it!

Nikki said...

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Patricia said...

I hope you continue writing, I just found your blog yesterday and have read all the entries. I love it!

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