Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Photography is art

solitude, originally uploaded by EyeFidelity.

I was looking through the Point-and-Shoot photo pool on Flickr and came across this photo. I like it. Someone else may not.

That is why it is art.

Right now on Digital Photography School there is a post titled "15 Creative Uses Of Overexposure" It is interesting that there are so many degrading remarks about the photos. Although some people love the photos, and some people are extremely negative. Again, this is what makes it art. Someone likes it and someone doesn't. I think the interesting part is the unusually high number of negative remarks for this more positive community.

But the same goes with my photos. Lately I've taken some pretty lame photos, stuff that I don't like, I didn't really take the time for the shots, I was forcing the shot or whatever. The end result is not something I would gloat about.

In summary I have two points

1 Even though I may not like my photo, someone else may.

2 We all take photos that don't turn out the way we wanted. Sometimes to liking and some to our disliking.

Again, this is why it is art.

I'll close with some photos that I don't like, but maybe someone will.

Low Light 1

Low Light 2

Wall at the 112th Precinct


Carebear said...

I just finished reading EVERY post on this blog and want to say to you: Thanks for being awesome. I have been working on improving my photography for about 4 months but all the advice and tutorials I can find concern dSLRs, which I cannot afford at this time. I have been shooting in manual mode, playing with aperture, exposure and shutter speed, but my photos really aren't getting much better. I was starting to wonder if I couldn't get professional quality photos with a point and shoot. Then I found your site, and realized after viewing your great shots, that it isn't my camera that's limiting me but my own mistakes. So, I'm going to put your tips to practice one by one and see if I improve. I'm really hoping that I have a talent for photography hidden inside somewhere that will make itself known soon! Thanks for the help!

Dan said...

Thanks Carebear! I appreciate the feedback.

matt said...

Hey I like this last photo, it has a cartoon feel to it.
Is the lght staring over the edge to see how far it is to the ground below? Maybe he want to jump, crack his bulb and spill filament on the concrete beneath.

How ae you Friend?

Dan said...

Thanks Matt,
I didn't personify the light until your take on it. Very interesting!

Sunshine said...

I was drawn to your blog by your use of one of my Flickr images. Now that I've found it, I'm sure I will return time and again. Great blog. Keep up the terrific info. And oh yah, I like your second pic on this post the best. There's just something alluring about the water, composition and light.

::airswift:: said...

the third photo made me smile.