Monday, February 2, 2009

Three things I love about my point-and-shoot camera

Yes DSLR cameras have their place but not always in my bag. But I do always carry my little point-and-shoot. Here are three reasons I love my point-and-shoot camera.

Fitting in a tight space

1 Fits anywhere
Not just in a pocket either. One day I was trying to rewire the stereo receiver. I didn't want to pull it out and disconnect all the wires, just reconnect a couple. It was a tight squeeze and after a few tries of searching with my hand for the right connections I became frustrated. Then in a moment of genius I put my camera behind the receiver and took a photo. Then I could see exactly where I was trying to connect the wires. I made the right connections easily, thanks to my little camera.


2 Self-portraits
Never underestimate the power of a good self portrait. Point-and-shoot cameras enable easy self portraits. A self portrait is like a writing in your diary but you are taking a photo not writing. Too many people are self conscious about self portraits. But if you write a blog or write in a journal, you write about good days and bad. The same goes for self portraits take self portraits on good days and bad. The story behind this photo is here.

Haystack Rock from a kite

3 Kite photography
This is actually the real reason I bought my point-and-shoot. I wanted to take photos from a kite. Kite photography is most easily achieved with a big kite and a small camera. It is so fun to reel the kite back in wondering what photos are on it, [sigh] just like the days of film. I love the different perspective from the sky. I've since become addicted to having my camera with me always.

There are many reasons why I like my camera but these are at the top.


Candice said...

You are the reason that I have ceased mourning that I did not get a DSLR camera.

Good post. Good idea with the wiring too.

Also, I had been getting tired of people's self portraits (I do it too), until you put it in a new perspective. It is like a diary.

JoanJ said...

So how do you press the shutter? Thanks!