Monday, December 22, 2008

Driving to Reno, Shooting in P

It has been so long since I've been on a good road trip I was really enjoying our drive from Sacramento, CA to Reno, NV. Donner Pass had some recent snow and was looking beautiful.


Please do not take photos while driving. I am a bad example.

I like this photo because the sides of the photo look blurry, while the middle of the photo is sharp. There really wasn't any trick to this but the blurry parts were passing the edges of the frame. The scene directly in front of us wasn't changing as fast so it looks more in-focus. If I was going twice as fast it would be more blurry on the edges.

I shoot in P mode most of the time. It basically does everything automatic but I'm able to do some manual adjustments (Auto mode in most cameras doesn't allow manual adjustments)

Camera Dial


candicerail said...

I just found this blog, and I am thrilled.

I decided this year (with sadness) that food storage was more important than a fancy camera for me.

You are giving me hope and advice on how to take great pictures without an amazing camera.

Thank you.

Blue said...

i don't think i have "p" on my camera. just a cannon powershot sd750...with lots of options i can choose from a menu.

the manual vanished unfortunately, so i don't know what they all mean, but suppose i could try to write a manual based on an experimental "this setting seems to do XX" photo session to figure things out.