Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Always have a camera with you

I love this photo. It had just snowed in Reno and Tahoe was getting tons of snow too. My goal in this road trip was to take a great photo of Tahoe. But living in New York I just missed the big mountains and the outdoors. Everything was so beautiful on my drive I was so happy to be driving. Even though we were in ski resort traffic. I was stopped waiting for traffic, and I looked up and just loved what I was looking at. I love the contrast of the blinding white snow, the dark green trees, the brilliant blue sky, so I snapped a photo, right from my car. The point of this is that even though I was on my way to take some photos I wasn't expecting this one, and it turned out to be the best of the whole day.

You never know when you'll have an opportunity to take a great photo.

Always take a camera wherever you go.
Mount Rose Trees

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Candice said...

Excellent advice. Often I think, "I do not need a camera" for whatever I am doing, and I miss the best moments.

When I do take my camera to random places, like the grocery store or something, I get to capture life.