Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Taking photos at just the right moment

Today I was jumping on the trampoline with my daughter, niece and nephew while my mom took pictures with my camera. She was trying to take the photo while they were in the air but the camera kept taking taking the picture too late. The photos turned out kind of boring. Nothing was really happening. The moment was lost because of the delay of the camera.
Trampoline timing-2

All point-and-shoot cameras have to get focused and get the exposure therefore it takes a moment for the camera to actually capture an image. But often we need the photo at exactly the right moment, right when we push the shutter button. But the shutter opens a split-second later, too late.

Here is the trick. Hold the shutter button half-way down. The camera will get focused and set the exposure. Then when you press the button all-the-way down the shutter will open immediately. This makes it easier to take the photo at just the right moment. My mom caught some great moments.
Trampoline timing-3

Trampoline timing-4

Trampoline timing-5

Try it during the holidays.
1. Push the button half-way down to focus on the subject
2. Wait for the right moment, push the button all the way down

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candicerail said...

EXCELLENT ADVICE! Again, I thank you for this blog. Action shots will be mine.