Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Opposites attract in creative photography

In my previous post this week I wrote about four ways to take professional photos with an inexpensive camera. But I have more to say on the topic.

The thing that makes something professional in a photo is also that same thing applied in opposite. If something is in focus then try to get something in frame that is out of focus. That is what makes macro shots professional.

For using motion in my photo something needed to be not moving. That turned out to be myself and the ceiling which accentuates the moving train.
In the subway

This applies more in some areas than others. For example it's hard to apply not using a tripod and using a tripod in the same photo. Although using a tripod can make a photo tack sharp. I like the night shot because the lights are in focus but the lights reflecting off the water are blurred by the rippled water.
Boston at night

As with all arts these "rules" are meant to be broken. If I think is a professional photo, someone else may not. Some photos require everything to be in focus, and so forth.

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Candice said...

Because I took music in High School, I never had the opportunity to take an art class. I never learned the rules. Now that i can see them, it makes sense. I love the opposites.