Monday, January 5, 2009

4 ways to take professional photos with your inexpensive camera

1. Use the macro setting
Using the macro is very underrated. The macro helps you get a narrow field in focus. Professionals use this narrow depth of field look all the time. The macro setting just makes it easy on point-and-shoot cameras.
Snow Macro

2. Change your perspective

One of my favorite things to do to change the perspective of my shots is to attach my camera to a kite. The camera gets a really high angle and some stunning shots. Kite aerial photography is something I'll do more of as the weather warms up.
Fort Tilden beach

3. Use a tripod
A tripod is absolutely necessary for night photos. This shutter was only 1/6 of a second. Invest in a tripod.
Boston at night

4. Show motion in your photo
It seems like so many photos are shot with low light. This makes it easy to get motion in my shots. The thing about show motion is that something must not be moving for the motion to look good.
In the subway


Blue said...

I'm stoked to be reading tips on how to use my p&s! Ree's always giving tips that I try to adapt, but I'm looking forward to your hints. All the pix on my blog were taken with my Cannon PowerShot SD750, but I lost the manual somewhere, which has been really frustrating. So here I go, adding yet another blog to Google Reader, Maybe my skillz will improve ;-)

Keep 'em coming!

Tabitha said...

Hi Dan - found your site through the comment you left on mine. Amazing shots! Now I totally want to go get a point and shoot!

Kristi said...

Dan, what great tips! I've never liked my camera but it's probably because I don't know how to use it to capacity. Keep up the great ideas and I'll start trying new shots with my cheapie Canon.