Saturday, April 25, 2009

New kite!

First flight for my new kite! I made this kite specifically for lifting a camera for aerial photos, but I didn't actually lift my camera with it because it was way to windy for this huge kite. But I did get out my smaller kite to lift my camera, a Sutton Flowform.

My Rokkaku first flight
Photo by my wife, using a Canon 30D.

There were only these two photos that turned out. All the rest were blurry. The wind was really strong.
Fort Tilden Beach

The heart stopping moment of the day
I put the camera on and it was happily clicking away. The wind was stronger as the kite got higher. I thought, "wow I wish the wind was this good every time I flew this kite before. Suddenly without warning the kite started to dive for the ground, with camera attached. Just so you know this kite is supposed to be really stable. Anyway, I glanced from camera, to kite, and back, watching in horror as the camera dipped into the kite and string eating bushes. Just as the string caught a tree the kite zipped upward again, but my racing mind thought this will not last. I will have to surrender this setup to the monstrous thicket. But the wind became my friend again and the kite powered upward and the string broke free of the tree.

A few moments later it happened again! Anyway I got the kite and camera back and we'll be trying again this weekend.

Fort Tilden Parking lot

We were pretty much the only people there.


ManCarCamera said...


How do you connect the camera to the kite, and more importantly, how do you land the kite without smasking your camera?!

I just started following your blog and think it's great. Keep it up!

Dan said...

The camera hangs from the kite line, by a picavet. I got the kit from brooxes. If you are interested in this just start searching for "kap" which is short for "kite aerial photography".