Monday, April 20, 2009

That's exactly what I mean

From Digital-Photography-School blog:

Disregard all fear of what people will think of you as you snap away on the street or at your favorite venue or park. “Oh what a tourist!”, “That camera’s not even that great”, “That looks like a cheap kit lens”, etc. Don’t let others or the price/quality of your gear set limitations on you! We all have to start somewhere.

I’ve read it numerous times here on the DPS forums and elsewhere. It’s not the quality or price of the camera, but the photographer BEHIND the camera that makes or breaks an image. The only way we can improve our photography is to practice and shoot a lot, not by breaking the bank and buying the latest and greatest.

I think by "elsewhere" he means right here. I think Darren reads my blog. Darren are you out there reading this?


Cate said...

I agree with this sentiment as well as one you posted on March 27. If you are too afraid to be seen shooting who knows what experiences you will miss - what shots you won't take. Often shooting in public is a great way to strike up conversations with strangers or even make new contacts. And sometimes it's just fun to see the looks on people's faces when you are photographing some random inanimate object

Carrie said...

I so felt like a tourist with Jeromy on vacation. He had the camera permanently attached to his face. We did get some great photos.